January 25, 2010

Green Resolution Competition Winner

Thank you so much for all your wonderful competition entries to win a ZPM Trolley-Dolly.
You're all winners for starting to make changes to the way you live and to reduce, reuse, recycle. We've taken a lot of inspiration from your ideas however our personal favourite has to be Ishy (see below under blog entries) for tackling the problem at source and shopping less and with organisation. Congratulations Ishy, the Trolley-Dolly has a handy holder for your shopping list as well!

Facebook entries

My greener year will involve donating boxes etc to our local schools to use for junk art etc etc as it brings loads of enjoyment to the kids (Julie Henderson).

We have different coloured bins in our playgroup to encourage the 3 & 4 year olds to help learn about recycling. We are going to introduce a yellow box for clothes next month also. We regularly organise a visit from the local recycling organisation to chat with the children - even us adults learn from this :) (Julie Henderson).

Really trying this year to get my daughter into recycling, we use the back of junk mail and cereal boxes as scrap paper. She uses old cards to make new ones.She also has her own little plants and we use bath water to water them,any clothes that don't fit her anymore she helps sort and take to the charity shop along with any toys she has outgrown, we have switched to lush soaps and shampoo's and she helps me sort out glass,plastic and paper into the right recycling bins and she loves to put scraps in the compost bin and see the worms (when its not frozen) (Amanda Ogden).

Our council does weekly recycling collections, but doesn't include us as we live in a flat, so I go & collect the council recycling bags myself & put them out where they can be collected. I've freecycled stuff. I've used lots of family / friends baby clothes - 95% of babies stuff is 2nd hand & am passing it all on. We're using cloth nappies, which I will be passing on - less landfill ;-) (Heather Davenport).

My 4 yr old and 6 yr old are in charge of the recycling in our house. They have to sort through the bags and boxes and make sure everything is in the right place. They understand that things cane be made into new things and love it! (Sarah Keery).

Twitter entries
When doing hand washing I keep the last rinsing water of the first batch to be the first rinsing water of the second batch. (beachrambler).

Instead of putting newspapers in recycle bin, I take them to my local rspca, as always needing them. (madbird32)

Ive given each of the kids a black & green bin, and they are recycling in their rooms. Start them young is my motto! (madmagz22).

Blog entries
As we have a garden & the others in our stair don't we decided to buy compost bins for the neighbours to use. Lots more compost for the garden & great for the enviroment too.
Coistycat said...
15/01/2010 14:11

A great way to recycle is by using different coloured boxes then you know what goes where & no tedious sorting before going to the recycling bank.
Coistycat said...
19/01/2010 23:25

My daughter is 10 and has made us all make green new years resolutions. She has also organised her school to start recycling drinks cans
julkenny222 said...
21/01/2010 13:44

collected the pallets from recent building supplies and fixed together to make a compost heap, slowing filling it with all the papers and veggie stuff and used tea bags can't wait to get the results. lottiegirlx
lottiegirl said...
21/01/2010 14:40

I have a composter in the garden, but to save so many trips into the garden in this horrid weather, i have invested in an under sink mini composter. I throw in there, everything that can be composted, and only need venture out into the rainy garden a couple of times a week. Seemples !!
@paulinepppp (Twitter)
Nicky Russell said...
22/01/2010 09:47

We always turn eveything off if we go out such as the tv, lights, heating etc rather than leaving things on or on standby. We've also got the energy saving lightbulbs all through the house
@Cat1980uk on Twitter
Catherine Gregory said...
22/01/2010 10:28

Ive been really thinking about this ever since I made my new years resolutions. The first thing I thought is dont buy un-necessary items in the first place. Just because I want them, do I actually need or will use them?! I now use lists to go shopping with and avoid the end of aisle special offers and also have been through the clothes in my wardrobe and donated to the charity shop anything I havent worn in over a year so someone else can appreciate them. This mentality saves money too! Also as a mini tip I use the paper shredding from work and home for my nephews hamster as bedding :D
Ishy said...
22/01/2010 10:39

My tips are to keep all your kids paintings througout the year and use as wrapping paper for birthdays and Christmas. Also if having a wedding/party etc instead of using cut flowers either use pots of plants or bulbs that can re-use in garden I did this with polyanthus in blue for my lads baptism and everytime I see them in the garden reminds me of a lovely day
kikicomp on twitter
Wendy said...
22/01/2010 10:44

Not so much recycling, but producing less waste. Every few weeks we purposely don't do a supermarket shop. We use up all the things that everyone has lurking in the freezer and cupboards. It's amazing how many great meals you can make if you're a bit inventive. This saves quite a bit of money too.
emily13 said...
22/01/2010 12:43

Hi I could only post with anon, but my name is sherie.
I always re cycle all my plastic cartons, and jars. Some Jars are really pretty and make nice vases. My plastic pots, like the ones used for yogart and jelly, and platic meat trays I use in the green house for seedlings.
Follow you on twitter @sherieannb.
Anonymous said...
22/01/2010 14:40

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