January 15, 2010

Make a Green Resolution

If you've made a New Year's Resolution to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, then we'd like to introduce you to a new friend of ours.

Zoe Phayre-Mudge, founder of ZPM recently bought some snorkelling equipment from FunSwimShop to take on holiday.

Although her family had an enjoyable time swimming and snorkelling in the Red Sea it was still sad to see so many plastic carrier bags and the damage caused to sealife and reefs.

Towards the end of last year the HEPCA announced the success of a campaign to make the Red Sea the first plastic bag free governorate in Eygpt but clearly there's still work to be done.

Zoe is no stranger to the issue of reducing plastic bags - two years ago she invented Trolley-Dolly a world-first, patented bag that means you can get a sizeable family shop home without a single plastic bag, even for your veg! Despairing at the pile of plastic bags she amassed after every weekly shop Zoe has created a bag with an amazing 20 bags inside. Enough to get approximately £ 200.00+ of shopping home. The strength and washability of the bags mean you can reuse, reuse and reuse. On top of that ZPM are known for their printed fabrics and as the outer carrier looks great it makes a wonderful day handbag!

ZPM have kindly offered a Trolley-Dolly as a competition prize. Simply leave a comment below or on our Facebook or Twitter page describing your recycling efforts for this year. The 'greenest' idea entered before 5.30pm on Friday 22 January 2010 will win a Trolley-Dolley. Happy shopping!


  1. As we have a garden & the others in our stair don't we decided to buy compost bins for the neighbours to use. Lots more compost for the garden & great for the enviroment too.

  2. A great way to recycle is by using different coloured boxes then you know what goes where & no tedious sorting before going to the recycling bank.

  3. My daughter is 10 and has made us all make green new years resolutions. She has also organised her school to start recycling drinks cans

  4. collected the pallets from recent building supplies and fixed together to make a compost heap, slowing filling it with all the papers and veggie stuff and used tea bags can't wait to get the results. lottiegirlx

  5. Nicky Russell22/01/2010, 09:47

    I have a composter in the garden, but to save so many trips into the garden in this horrid weather, i have invested in an under sink mini composter. I throw in there, everything that can be composted, and only need venture out into the rainy garden a couple of times a week. Seemples !!

    @paulinepppp (Twitter)

  6. We always turn eveything off if we go out such as the tv, lights, heating etc rather than leaving things on or on standby. We've also got the energy saving lightbulbs all through the house

    @Cat1980uk on Twitter

  7. Ive been really thinking about this ever since I made my new years resolutions. The first thing I thought is dont buy un-necessary items in the first place. Just because I want them, do I actually need or will use them?! I now use lists to go shopping with and avoid the end of aisle special offers and also have been through the clothes in my wardrobe and donated to the charity shop anything I havent worn in over a year so someone else can appreciate them. This mentality saves money too! Also as a mini tip I use the paper shredding from work and home for my nephews hamster as bedding :D

  8. My tips are to keep all your kids paintings througout the year and use as wrapping paper for birthdays and Christmas.

    Also if having a wedding/party etc instead of using cut flowers either use pots of plants or bulbs that can re-use in garden I did this with polyanthus in blue for my lads baptism and everytime I see them in the garden reminds me of a lovely day

    kikicomp on twitter

  9. FANTASTIC ideas - congratulations to everyone for your efforts. I am going to implement some of these myself. I am going to have a hard job picking a winner!

  10. Not so much recycling, but producing less waste. Every few weeks we purposely don't do a supermarket shop. We use up all the things that everyone has lurking in the freezer and cupboards. It's amazing how many great meals you can make if you're a bit inventive. This saves quite a bit of money too.

  11. Hi I could only post with anon, but my name is sherie.
    I always re cycle all my plastic cartons, and jars. Some Jars are really pretty and make nice vases. My plastic pots, like the ones used for yogart and jelly, and platic meat trays I use in the green house for seedlings.
    Follow you on twitter @sherieannb.

  12. Congratulations to Ishy - you are the lucky winner of the ZPM Trolley-Dolly.
    Please contact me on carlalloyd@funswimshop.co.uk so we can arrange for this to be posted to you.