May 21, 2010

Swimming Aids for Kids and Adults

For some children, going into the water at all is very intimidating. Swimming aids can be particularly useful in these cases. You can place one or more of them near the water where the child can see and touch them. Explain that they are toys to use in the water and let the child become familiar with them on dry land. In this way, they can serve as transition objects that the child can hold onto while entering the water and use in the water. You can help the child become more comfortable with a particular aid by using it yourself; if you model it, it will seem less intimidating to the child.

Time spent in the water can be beneficial in a variety of ways. Swimming, or even walking in the water, can be very relaxing. It can help soothe away stress and raise one’s spirits. It can also be an excellent and enjoyable cardiovascular workout and provide a fun way to work specific muscles. For people who have injuries or disabilities, water can provide a degree of freedom that is not possible anywhere else... read more


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