October 01, 2010

Why wear a wetsuit?

Well I'm not quite sure why I waited 46 years before owning one, but I can tell you I will never be without one again! This summer my 7 year old daughter also wore a wetsuit for the first time and we both breezed through a rather windy Welsh summer holiday without whinging about the cold.

This year I learned to swim and took part in the British Gas Great London Swim. I wriggled into full length black neoprene for the first time and was at the mercy of the Thames for one hour and 13 minutes as I tried to complete this one mile swim.

The cold only started to bite in the last ten minutes and from that moment on I realised what I had missed out on all my life! You can see from the holiday photos that we had the beach almost to ourselves as everyone else was feeling way too fragile to brave the waves without a wetsuit for protection. I felt like a Super Hero as I was able to go into the waves with my daughter and supervise her body boarding fun.

Other parents entrusted me with the few children who were brave enough to venture in wearing only swim trunks or costumes. I would not have let my daughter go in alone, so with the 'old Mummy' her holiday would have been nowhere near as much fun.

The wetsuit also served to protect my modesty as I was able to go and play with her in a water park in the middle of the holiday village. It was surrounded by food and drink outlets and being the wrong side of forty I would not have felt comfortable running around in a costume with lots of adult onlookers.

If you are planning to get away during the October Half Term I can strongly recommend packing a wetsuit. Check out our full range for all the family.

Let us know how you got on with any of our products and upload a photograph on Facebook to share with other readers.


  1. It's raining so much today, I think the golfers at the Ryder Cup could do with wetsuits ;-)

  2. Couldn't agree more, a wetsuit is essential if you want to have fun during the english summer. My youngest also wears his for his swimming lessons in the winter, it stops him whining from being cold and with the extra buoyancy the wetsuit provides his confidence has rocketed sky high and he now "can swim fast like a speedboat" or so he says :-)

  3. http://newslite.tv/2009/08/17/bald-penguin-gets-a-custom-des.html - love this story. The penguin can't do without his either

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  5. Interesting! A wetsuit to make you look like you have been attacked by sharks. http://bydiddo.com/#20

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