November 08, 2009

Product of the week: Splash About Swim Nappy

So simple and yet so effective, the Spash About Baby Swimming Nappy has no ties, no velcro, no elastic.

The Splash About baby swimming nappy is made of 1mm soft and stretchy neoprene and finished with super soft and snug fitting, deep bands of fabric with high rubber to keep solids inside. The Splash About Happy Nappy is a slimline, very comfortable swim nappy that dramatically reduces the risk of accidents into the pool.

This reusable swim nappy is made from fine 0.5mm neoprene coated in a specially treated nylon which repels liquid, it is edged with wide bands of fine woven nylon/Lycra ribbing at the legs and waist to "filter" liquid and keep as much as possible INSIDE the reusable swim nappy - a liner is advised for ease of cleaning.

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