December 02, 2009

NEW “Eco” Product: The Happy Nappy System

The most essential item in your baby’s swim kit is the Splash About Happy Nappy. In fact, most Baby Swimming Schools in the UK now recommend that all babies wear one.

Although they work perfectly well on their own, most pools insist on the double nappy system whereby your baby needs to wear a disposable swimming nappy underneath the Happy Nappy.

Splash About therefore developed a system to save you money and to protect the environment.

Stage 1. 25 Biodegradable, flushable liners to hold solids. Ideal to use with normal nappies as well as in water.

Stage 2. Soft, fine cotton Nappy Wrap.

Stage 3. Happy Nappy

To use

After use
  • Remove Happy Nappy and rinse well in cool water. Dry away from direct light and heat. If you would like to re-use immediately just roll in a towel and squeeze.
  • Remove the Nappy Wrap, tip the contents with liner into the loo or special purpose bin.
  • The Nappy Wrap can be washed in the machine or by hand.

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