January 22, 2010

Sun Safe UV Clothing

A sure way to beat those January Blues is to start planning a Summer Getaway. These days sun protection clothing should be high on your list but that hasn't always been the case (see below).

This summer we think the Konfidence long sleeve UV hoodie will be a real winner (pictured above). All kids love a hoodie, so if your kids refuse to wear a hat or just keep losing them, this is your essential summer purchase (available in blue or pink, size 2-10 years).

We have a wide range of sun protection clothing for babies, kids and adults including suits, t-shirtsshorts and hats. Whether you choose Konfidence, SplashAbout, TWF or Zoggs there should be a style and colour to suit your needs.

Back in 1931 the swimsuit label Jantzen introduced its new “Sunnette” for young girls. The swimsuit consisted of short-style bottoms with thin straps over the shoulders to hold the bottoms in place with the chest left entirely bare. The new model was recommended for its “full body exposure to the healthful ultra-violet rays of the sun.” Needless to say, this swimsuit model is no longer popular or touted for its healthfulness!

We couldn't find a picture of the "Sunnette" but we did find a picture of the controversial topless bathing suit inspired by the "Sunnette" and brought to the world in 1964 by fashion designer Rudi Gernreich. One store alone in New York sold more than 3,000.

Anyone out there remember wearing one of these?


  1. These sun suits are great, especially for little ones.

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