April 05, 2010

Ten Tips for Swim Goggles

There are many different types of swimming goggles available on the market. Choosing the right goggles is critical to a successful experience in the water and devloping a love for this sport. The main objectives are to achieve a comfortable fit around the eyes which is also secure enough to keep the water out.
  1. Without using the strap if the goggles are pressed on the face they should stay in place for a few seconds.
  2. Tightening the strap does not improve the seal around the eyes! It is just to hold the goggles in place.
  3. Try and make sure your goggles have anti-fog coating. If not a little spit rinsed out with water works wonders.
  4. Do invest in goggles with UV protection.
  5. Blue coloured lenses are designed to reduce glare from water in bright indoor and outdoor light.
  6. Smoke coloured lenses reduce light transmission to the eye lowering overall brightness without excessive colour distortion.
  7. Clear lenses offer protection and clear vision without any colour distortion.
  8. Pink lenses are designed to give the best contrast for objects against a green or blue background. They are a good choice for outdoor use.
  9. Amber lenses provide excellent vision in both bright and dimly lit environments. In low level light amber lenses amplify the light to give clearer vision (for example an indoor pool). In bright light they reduce glare therefore providing better vision.
  10. Always rinse your goggles in cold clean water after use to rinse off chlorine or salt. Allow the goggles to dry naturally as any rubbing of the lenses can cause scratching or damage to the special coatings.

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