November 19, 2010

Introducing Snoozeshade - The Blackout Blind for Prams and Pushchairs

My daughter is now eight years old so this invention is unfortunately too late for me. When she was a baby I remember wishing on a daily basis that such a product existed. I firmly believed in her following a routine and taking naps in a darkened environment, but I also couldn't face being trapped in the house all day long. I'm therefore delighted to help spread the word about SnoozeShade® to other parents.

SnoozeShade is a universal fit buggy and pram blackout blind designed to fit most popular brands of three- and four-wheel prams and pushchairs with hoods or sun canopies. Your pushchair must have a standard one-per-child hood/sun canopy to fit a SnoozeShade. It is the solution to draping blankets and coats over the pushchair to try and get your baby off to sleep.

By blocking out light, sun and distractions Snoozeshade aids your baby to sleep in the pram or pushchair when you have to be on the go. Snoozeshade is excellent for holidays as the fabric has UPF50+ (the highest rating of sun protection). However as the baby can not see through the Snoozeshade fabric, it should only be used for naps rather than an alternative to full sun shades through which the baby can see out.

Let us know how you get on with your Snoozeshade. (It works for Denise van Outen!)

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