November 11, 2010

Seven Sharks a SwimFin...

Festive Fin

Without the Christmas fin-ery...

Make learning to swim fun this Christmas with a gift of the revolutionary SwimFin swimming aid.

Worn on the back the effects of the SwimFin are self adjusting as the child progresses from beginner through to advanced swimmer. A beginner's body is lower in the water therefore the SwimFin is more submerged which gives the swimmer more support. As confidence and ability grows the body position will become more horizontal which raises the SwimFin out of the water giving the child less support.

It can be used to teach all four strokes and when lessons are done the SwimFin can simply be used for fun and games playing "shark".

We hope you like our suggestion for wrapping this gift, and we would love to see your photos if you come up with any other disguises!

1 comment:

  1. The red SwimFin is officially known as red snapper