March 09, 2010

Never Had A Dream Come True?

Well it might be time to pick up a copy of "Ideas Man" by Shed Simove.

This fun and fascinating autobiography is about the extrordinary and daring lengths this man goes to to get himself noticed. You will be inspired and entertained, caught up in his excitement and 'have a go' spirit which takes him on so many adventures.

Shed doesn't just dream about things, he makes them happen. When ideas don't come together he holds up his hands and moves on to the next one without drawing breath. It will take you back to a time in your life when just 'doing' something was the fun part and the consequences were a bonus.

The ideas Shed has are simple which is the whole point of the book. He has done something with the kind of ideas every one of us can and do have. Ideas Man is perfect for anyone who's ever had a dream and wondered how to make it come true.

Shed is living proof that you really can make it happen!

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