November 30, 2010

Wetsuit for Pierre the Penguin

Back in 2008 a penguin at the California Academy of Sciences was fitted with a wetsuit.

Pierre was then 25 years old and his feathers were thinning and not growing back. Poor Pierre was shivering and uncomfortable without the protection of his feathers. (A feeling I could identify with this summer before I discovered the benefits of wearing a shortie or full length wetsuit on holiday).

The Academy's senior aquatic biologist Pam Schaller was familiar with the warmth wetsuits provide for humans so she set about designing a neoprene suit for Pierre.

Pamela has written a paper called Why and How to Make a Penguin Wetsuit, where you can read the whole story and see more photos of Pierre and even patterns for the penguin wetsuit.

So, next time you are shopping for a wetsuit to keep you warm, spare a smile and a thought for Pierre the penguin who I believe is still alive and well at the Academy.

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