December 16, 2010

Christmas craft using a pool noodle

As the schools are about to break up we wanted to share this lovely Christmas craft project to make gigantic candy cane decorations from pool noodles. The instructions are based around the hollow pool noodles available in the U.S.A., however you could easily adapt the idea to use the solid pool noodles commonly available in the U.K.

The candy cane is formed by bending one end of the pool noodle into a candy cane shape and then tying the bent end to the body with any kind of clear string. Wrap white ribbon around the noodle to give the candy cane stripe, and secure with pins as you go along.

What a great idea to brighten up your local swimming pool over the festive season!

If you try this project then please upload your photos to our Facebook page. Alternatively we would love to hear any other crafty ideas using pool noodles.

1 comment:

  1. Great idea! We have pool noodle at home. I will try this gigantic candy cane together with my kids, I am sure they'll enjoy. Thanks for sharing!